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Wall Mending Agent Repair Cream Drywall Paste Kit - Walls Safe, Quick repair & drying, Easy Solution to Fill the Crack & Holes in Wall Self-Adhesive, Waterproof, Wood & Plaster (2pcs)

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FAST & PERFECT REPAIR : Powerful, quick-drying, and long-lasting solution that provides professional-looking results. DABIDA Wall Mending Agent is completely dry within 3 hours(depending on the weather), and easily and instantly repairs broken surfaces on the wall, hard enough to hold a nail or screw. After drying, the wall is smooth and has good water resistance, effectively preventing mildew and there is no task odor or toxic gas. Excellent! Wall, Wood putty!

SAFE NON-TOXIC : This Spackle Wall Repair is made of wall glue, resin, and carbonate cover. The ingredients are waterproof, non-corrosive, formaldehyde-free, and with no toxic substances. It's safe for kids, pets, and chemically sensitive individuals. This flex paste is completely safe for home improvement.

SIMPLE TO USE : All-in-one easy tool. DABIDA Plaster Wall Repair a quick-drying patch. Just apply Dabida Wall Mending Agent and leave until it dries. And make it flat with a scraper to repair holes and cracks quickly.

WIDELY USED : This Drywall Repair Kit is perfect for repairing cracked walls, peeled walls, pinhole holes, wall flooring, nail holes, and graffiti. This product is not only wall putty to fill holes but also is suitable for repairing plaster walls. Use it for a variety of home improvements: bathroom, walls, indoor furniture, interior surfaces, trim molding, windows, interior doors, cabinets, shutters, paneling, decor, etc.

ALL-IN-ONE KIT : 2 x wall repair paste(100g), 2 x nozzle extender, 2 x scraper, 4 x sandpaper.

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Wall mending agent specification:
Quantity: 2 x Wall mending agent, 2 x nozzle extender, 2 x scraper, 4 x sandpaper
Weight: 100g / pcs

Wall mending agent features:
1. Wall repair patch kit
2. Perfect repair of walls
3. Containing quick drying component
4. Easy & quick solution
5. Sandable and paintable
6. Effective moisture-proof

1. Determine the location needing repair.
2. Remove the wall peeling, falling off, powder falling before use.
3. Extrude an appropriate amount directly onto the location to be repaired. Or squeeze an appropriate amount onto a scraper.
4. Scrape evenly with a scraper
5. After drying, you can use the sandpaper smooth the wall surface

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